Healing techniques and therapies available

Healing Techniques

Colour Healing

Colour healing channels light and colour energy into the body by placing coloured silks over the body and channelling healing energy through the body promoting relaxation, balance and health to the mind, body and spirit.


Spiritual healing is a treatment which involves the transfer of natural energy through the healer to the recipient. It promotes self-healing by relaxing the body and releasing tensions, allowing free flow of vital energy around the body. Healing is gentle, natural, and practised with the intent of bringing the recipient into a state of balance and well-being on all levels.


A system of hands on natural healing encouraging the energy in the body to flow freely, promoting the body's self-healing ability, whilst calming the mind and emotions, enlivening the spirit and enabling a positive response to life's challenges. Complete in itself, it can also safely complement and enhance any kind of healing, including medical treatment. It is non-diagnostic and non-invasive. A Reiki session is given with the client peacefully relaxing on a treatment couch or chair.


Face massage

A very relaxing and enjoyable experience - most people do not realise the amount of tension they hold in their face, particularly around the jaw. The face massage works specifically on the facial muscles easing tension and promoting relaxation. A small amount of light oil is used to facilitate the massage and nourish the skin.


A safe and non-invasive holistic therapy which involves working areas of the feet that correspond to every part of the body. Working these areas promotes relaxation and can help us return to our own state of balance, using the body's natural healing systems.


Bowen Therapy is a noninvasive technique that uses a series of gentle hand movements over muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, nerves and fascia to promote relief from musculoskeletal and related neurological complaints.

Treatment availability and donation

Healing is always available. Other treatments depend on the availability of practitioners on the day. No booking is necessary.

All practitioners have received training from a professional body and are fully insured.

The Andreasen Centre is run by volunteer practitioners. It relies on donations to cover expenses. The suggested donation is 10.00 per treatment but as we wish to include everyone, please give what you can afford.