Our history

Dr Anthony Andreasen, in whose honour our healing centre is named, was born in 1906 in Grimsby and trained as a doctor at Bart's where he qualified in 1930.

He had a very varied career in medicine working in North Africa, Calcutta, the USA, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Uganda and South Africa. During the Second World War he was Colonel in Charge on the North West Frontier, after which he became Presidency Surgeon to the Viceroy of India. During his later medical career, however, he often chose to work in missionary hospitals. On his return to England he went on to teach anatomy and histology at Cambridge University, where he became a professor, as well as being appointed a consultant to the British School of Osteopathy.

It was during this later phase that he had time to develop his lifelong interest in complementary medicine and, when he was no longer able to travel and teach, he became a consultant in holistic medicine, working from his home. He was fondly remembered by friends and colleagues as an outstanding human being - a 'small man with a large caring heart'.

We hope we are continuing his work and commitment to complementary medicine and holistic health.